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SimplifiDentistry is a cloud platform that allows you to manage your entire dental practice from where ever your are. Scale your practice with a cloud solution that integrates with your PMS and gets you an insight of your patients appointments, insurance, collections with actionable insights that helps you grow like you are meant to.

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There’s no running around the bush here. SimplifiDentistry onboards your practice instantaneously, starts working from day zero without any technical or infrastructural needs.

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And Voila!  – You are all set to scale your practice

No Infrastructural Requirements

SimplifiDentistry runs on powerful cloud servers, saving you the need and cost of investing in physical infrastructure to run your practice

No worrying about Patient Health Information (PHI)

We take information security very seriously. We store your Patient Health Information (PHI) with 100% compliance towards HIPAA Guidelines

No need of storing age-old backups

Creating and keeping backups is not easy. We make sure you don't have to struggle with managing backups of your age-old data

Ready for launch

Integrate and take off
to the cloud


Integrate with your PMS

Our CoreAPI connects with your PMS to extract your patient information.


Insurance Eligibility

Save time as you instantly understand your patients insurance coverage.


Stay Smart with Data

Know your practice performance with dashboards that keep you ahead of time.


Keep Finances In-Check

Stay aware & updated with your production, collection, AR data in real time.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing PMS

SimplifiDentistry’ smart and comprehensive CoreAPI Library can extract data from any of your existing on-premise or cloud PMS and transform your patient records and data into actionable smart insights. 

Insightful dashboards to see through your practice

Actionable Insights

With actionable insights, you can make better decisions about your practice that can drive positive outcomes.

All on a single screen

See how your practice is performing with data and metrics across your practice all on a single easy to read interface.

Instantly understand your patients insurance eligibility

Automate the entire process of finding the patients who have appointments for the day or any day in the future, extract their patient’s detail from the PMS, loops through the entire patient set at a time and looks up the insurance coverages in our smart insurance portal.

Let’s get simplifi-ing your dental practice

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